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Posted by: donna few December 06, at AM. Pluto opposing Venus and Uranus, squaring Mars in Virgo, I've had headaches for last couple weeks, not something that typically bothers me. What can I expect? Life is unstable, spouse ill, career gone south, he's lawyer, we worked together. Will Jupiter help being that it's in Sag and am having a Jupiter return soon? Posted by: Donna December 30, at PM.

Hi Donna - Jupiter's return should open doors while protecting what is good from the past. In fact, when Saturn trines your Asc later this year followed by Jupiter's trine from Cap, you should be quite stable in a practical sense, though finishing up a larger cycle as Mars goes stationary RX near your Sun. This is a year of gathering and completion. And if a career goes south, then perhaps you should give a new look to this article as well as part one from the day before.

Hang in there, put your best self forward, don't settle for lesser things when greater things are at stake, and avoid going sideways when getting your focus and drive in gear are what's required. You should be doing better by this time next year, though you should be seeing positive change in the very near future.

Posted by: Robert December 31, at AM. Thanks so much for your quick response.

Astrology Hub Podcast: Starseeds, Walk-Ins, and the Galactic Center: The Extra dimensions at Play

Yes, the sideways walk is something I need to pay more attention to. Happy New Year Robert and thanks again. Posted by: Donna December 31, at PM. Hi Robert, just came across your blog here as Pluto has just gone retro and quickly read through it. I am a professional astrologer, tarot reader and psychic, clairvoyant. You know the one about the shoemaker's children? Well often times we need someone elses's perspective. So I want to mention that in my natal chart I have Mercury at 27 degrees of Sagittarius in my 2nd house.

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It is the focus of a T-square with my natal Jupiter at 4. I am a double Sag. I've always felt "Galactically tuned in" and with Pluto transitting the G. Just wanted to let you know, and if you have any comments. That would be great. Thanks, Tara Greene.

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Hi Tara - Purify your mind, get it in shape to "pick up and deliver spiritual power" differently than before. Your Mercury is in the Grand Irrationality, so read all you can about that in the articles here. Jupiter trine your Jupiter is supporting your light and new self image through Aries I'm one!

Take a galactic perspective, get and stay grounded, and allow the recent Eclipses to work their peculiar energies by ending some old Sag stuff, being a good juggler and adapting as needed to forces seemingly beyond your control. Posted by: Robert April 02, at PM. Posted by: catrysse marie christine September 03, at AM. Hi Catrysse Marie - Welcome to the site. I have no doubt your life will greatly expand beneficially as Jupiter crosses your North Node later this year along with the inner planets.

Mars on your South Node in September shows you what you must let go of, as well as how you can best demonstrate what you've been building toward in the recent past. These skills will be very important in January-February Posted by: Robert September 03, at AM. Posted by: marie christine September 03, at PM. Hi marie - Welcome to the site. There are many who know a lot of astrology who are not professionals, but who use it to help themselves and their loved ones to good effect. Thank you for your praise of the site. It has been a labor of love joyously undertaken so far!

And yes, the GC is no doubt a portal to the center of what makes this Milky Way tick. Posted by: Robert September 03, at PM. I thought she was done with me, taking me through Hell and would spit me out around or so. Then I learned She went into my Sun sign Sagittarius for 13 years and has had her way with me all that time!

Within that time during and for 4 years she sent me a "Walk-In" who was my mate in many lifetimes, a "Dark" angel. I met him in meditation and could feel the love, but hadn't had the memory from whence I knew him. He channeled through a psychic channeler friend and within a short time "walked in". Suddenly I was beyond space and time for about a year, grieving another 5 years. It will be interesting to see how this Jupiter-Pluto conjunction affects me. I feel like I should be squeaky clean consciousness-wise and what more can She possible do to me! When I was 5 years old I had an intuitive flash that I would live to be over years, the 1st half being really hard and the 2nd half being the good stuff--I think it's time for the good stuff--at the ripe old age of 61!!

I'm ready for Kali's "Nurturer" aspect! Posted by: M. Star December 11, at AM. The legend of Ganesh has similar elements in many ways to the legend of Percephone. Having Pluto in the first house, I also know Shiva up close and personal. Pluto does tend to take things into the underworld where we get to live in our personal "hell" for awhile until we make Shiva our friend. As for "walk in" beings, I tend to have little to do with them since they are not living their own integrity and eternal spark of Atman.

There is no such duality on the level of Atman and Brahman. While it is appropriate to grieve losses, too much grief is not good for us humans, given we ARE eternal Light, Love, Wisdom and Intelligence incarnate. What we grieve is the loss of sensory contact with the object of our love, which of course is an illusion in itself, since we in truth are never separate from that which we love, whether they seem to be there or not. I have known profound grief, but after a point it either turns toxic, or naturally leads us into the heart of compassion and we realize our pain is the pain of the world, and what we suffer is illusory.

Posted by: Robert December 12, at AM. Dear Robert, Thank you so much for your response! I believe my now deceased, sadly astrologer did mention TransPluto in one of my readings. I can't even imagine what Pluto in the 1st house would be like! Do you have any comments on the possible significance of the comet Holmes exploding last October? Thank you for your previous comments!

Star February 07, at PM. Star - Every Yang deserves its Yin! Of course, which is which depends entirely on what's going on, given the Shiva-Parvati legend. Something about an eternal fluidity shifting balance in any dualistic system I really don't know much about Comet Holmes, except that by legend comets are visitors to our solar system, bringing portents of things to come.

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  • Exploding comets have been known to give us both familiar and new elements we never had before! Kind of like our friends from outer space Widespread reports of Spaceships 4 miles long and a mile wide recently sighted by LOTS of the straight inhabitants of rural north central Texas lends legitimacy to such speculations. Seems like things are heating up all over, both literally and figuratively. Ultimately, we will remember, in the famous dictum of Dr. Franklin, that we must all hang together else we shall all hang separately. The great cause coming is to cooperate with the Earth in our collective survival.

    Fellowships are already forming across the globe, each united in their own specific thing to do. If you're here for 40 more years, welcome to your future. Posted by: Robert February 10, at PM. Posted by: catrysse marie christine December 07, at PM. Yes, black holes are pure potentiality, no-thing and every-thing and other things that cannot be described on this side of the black hole! Posted by: Robert December 09, at PM. I've read in older accounts that the Galactic Center is at 0 degrees Cap, but I'm pretty sure that's outdated. I know I have an AP moon but, more than just needing to relate to the public, I've always felt SO tuned into to something grand and huge, something that is far bigger than anything we as people can describe.

    The closest I think we've come to capturing it is with the word "LOVE" but I know that it is so great that it is beyond understanding through mere words. Do I have a Moon conjunct the GC because that would have to be a big orb? I know that though my Moon energy is restrictive in a Capricornian way, I've felt that at its heart, it was about the love that was something far huger than I can ever verbalize or ever entirely explain.

    Can't wait to see what future movements bring up.

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    Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work. Posted by: Jenna May 29, at AM. Hi Jenna - You're most welcome. The areas I gave for the GC are fairly accurate and precise, so you can use them as a measuring tool if you want. Yes, I would consider your Moon conjunct the GC, since it is forming.

    That said, it's not the same as if your MC were also Capricorn. I suspect other planets also are involved in your ability to experience that Higher Love. Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will.

    Welcome to the Cosmic Cantina. Aum and blessings! UPDATE: Here are three articles written in October that go into considerable detail about the squares and oppositions coming in the next few years. Hi Robert. Thanks Robert It was nice to wake up and read your encouragement first thing this am Hi Robert, Just stumbled on the site and you're doing absolutely incredible work.

    Thank you! Peace and blessings, Jenna. Search AquariusPapers.

    The 12222 Sagittarius Full Moon and the Galactic Center

    Subscribe to this blog's feed. Ripoff Report Challenge Corporate Personhood! Venus and Saturn are in the 8th house of unearned money. Transiting Saturn was 14 Pisces conjunct natal Rahu and transiting Ketu aspecting the 9th natal house planets as well, Sun, Mercury, and Ketu. On that day transiting Jupiter was 18 degrees Virgo, and transiting Rahu 27 degrees Scorpio and transiting Ketu 27 Taurus.

    Transiting Ketu is trine transiting Jupiter and both cast a trine to natal Venus at 22 Capricorn completing the grand trine. Transiting Ketu is conjunct the natal Moon which is also involved in this grand trine, for transiting Ketu, 27 Taurus conjuncts the natal Moon, 25 Taurus and transiting Jupiter, 18 Virgo trines it ,and all are trine natal Venus, 22 Capricorn. The Moon is in the 11th house of gains and natal Venus rules this house.

    Rahu is stationary at the time of the win at 27 degrees of Scorpio. It is conjunct natal Saturn, 26 Scorpio in the 5th house of speculation. Transiting Saturn is 21 degrees Capricorn conjunct natal Venus which is the natal planet involved in the grand trine of transiting Ketu and transiting Jupiter. Prior stations were Jupiter stationary retrograde in January at 20 degrees of Leo and in April stationary direct 10 degrees Leo. These stations were previously transiting the 2nd house aspecting the natal Sun 19 Sagittarius and natal Ketu 15 degrees Aries.

    There are of course many variables to consider when analyzing a chart in terms of a sudden rise in fortune and luck. These events are foreseen as the specific karmas of a soul in this lifetime and seem to be activated as to the time of occurrence with the cyclic processes of the transiting planets. We perceive great gains of money as a lucky and fortunate event but the after effects could be interesting as to the karma these individuals create through their sudden gains of fortune.

    Is it a blessing or a curse? Fusce lorem ligula April 30, Published by galacticcenter at June 20, Categories News. I nitially when one begins the study of astrology it is believed that all events can be predicted in a chart. In Vedic astrology Jupiter is the planet of luck and fortune and its full aspect is the trine. Houses that promote luck and fortune are the trikonal houses which are 1, 5, and 9, they are called the trikonal houses. This reinforces the theory of the lucky aspect of the trine degrees. Each nakshatra is ruled by a planet. There are 9 planets, and each of them rule 3 nakshatras.

    The nakshatras that are ruled by the same planet are degrees from each other or trine each other in the zodiac. For example the nakshatras Ashwini, Magha and Mula are ruled by Ketu. All 3 are in the beginning of Fire signs, which trine each other. When one nakshatra is activated with a transiting planet it activates the other nakshatras ruled by the same planet.

    Simply meaning they are in trine to each other degrees. It is believed by most Vedic astrologers that the full aspect of both Rahu and Ketu is the 5, 9 aspect which is the trine aspect of degrees. Rahu and Ketu definitely predict major changes within life. There are many variables involved in predicting the effects of these. Therefore; Jupiter and Rahu and Ketu cast the same full aspect, 5, 9 or degrees Trine. All these points emphasize the importance of the trine aspect. Particularly in predicting favorable events. When there are three points that are degrees from each other, they form a grand trine in the chart.

    The points will be in the same element and in the 3 nakshatras that are ruled by the same planet, close in degree. When Jupiter and Rahu aspect one another they cast a trine and aspect the other point simultaneously creating a grand trine in a chart. Natal planets aspected by the transiting grand trine create sudden wind falls of luck. Explanation of Stations When a planet stands still it is at its point of power.

    Points Analyzed in Charts Transiting Jupiter to natal planets Conjunctions and forming trines in close proximity. Transiting lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu to natal planets conjunctions and forming trines in close proximity. Transiting Jupiter to transiting Rahu and Ketu conjunctions and trines. Prior stations either stationary retrograde and stationary direct degrees of Jupiter that occur before the event. When close to natal planets and activated by aspecting transiting planets an event occurs.

    If they station close to a natal planet then the effects will occur concerning this natal planet, house it is in and house it rules. These degrees are powerful points in the chart to be activated by aspecting transits and when close to natal planets can create an event. Another point that consistently appeared in the events was the connection of the transiting lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu aspecting their natal positions.

    Jupiter was stationed stationary direct in June at the time of the win at 11 degrees of Libra. The station of Rahu was at the same time as the win at 4 degrees of Virgo. The transiting and natal lunar nodes did not aspect at this time. Conclusion There are of course many variables to consider when analyzing a chart in terms of a sudden rise in fortune and luck. Related posts. Bitcoin Predictions Read more. What is Vedic Astrology?

    Next Months Astrological Events Sun in Scorpio October November

    Read more. Comments are closed. Regulus forms a conjunction with this Total Eclipse in Leo adding royal leadership from a feminine standpoint this is the Virgo part. Jupiter Opposes Uranus for the final 3 rd time: September 28, Previously, the opposition occurred on December 26, March 3, I think this is when some of the effects of the Leo total eclipse may start manifesting in tangible ways.

    Unexpected, out-of-the-blue fortunate opportunities for changing our direction. Remember, you may have apparently negative effects that turn out to be protective. What seems negative now may be very positive in a brief time! The British Royal Family may also have their big announcements too now! A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form 1 p This speaks to intuition mermaid in ocean become form mermaid to human form. Taking an intuited thought, connecting with source and producing a conscious thought as a result.

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